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Meet The Musicians

Moontagu Music Management helps young songwriters realise their dream to some degree, by producing demo CDs and Master CDs in their small recording studio in Wales UK. This is a free service.
Our musicians all perform on each other's tracks also free of charge for the love of the music.
Our Management company only take on very talented singer/songwriters and sign them to a very loose contract with only a 1 to 10% royalty fee depending upon the amount of money earned. Any money earned by the company is then put back into helping others to realise their dream.
Ben Montaigue
: Piano & Harmony Vocals, (26 years).
Eli Montaigue
(22 years),
Drums, Percussion & back Up vocals.
Kathleen Montaigue
, (18 years),
Guitar, Percussion, Lead and Harmony Vocals:
Erle Montaigue
(Too old to Remember)
on Guitar (Lead & Picking), Bass, Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Didgeridoo, Lead and harmony Vocals.
Chloe Morgan: (19 Years) Electric Bass

The Stable


Kathleen Montaigue began singing with her family band with she was only 8 years of age. She is now almost 19 and teaches guitar. She began writing songs 4 years ago until today she has a catalogue of self written material that even a professional would be proud to own. Kathleen's songs belie her young age with lyrics that are meaningful and actually mean something!

Her melodies lean toward acoustic rock to country rock and her voice is a powerful Country/Rock voice. Renowned producer Jean Alain Roussel (Celine Dion) once said of Kathleen, that he has never heard a more powerful female voice.

Kathleen Montaigue

Erle Montaigue has been in the music business for the past 40 years. he left performing for a time until his children coerced him into coming back into it.
Erle had a number of hit records in the late 60's and early 70's. He continued to write songs since those days until now he has a catalogue of literally hundreds of Country/Rock, Classic Rock, Folk and Acoustic Adult Alternative music. Erle was once voted as having the greatest Rock voice to ever come out of Australia. he is listed as being such in the book, " The Encyclopaedia of Australian Rock".

CLICK: For Erle Montaigue's new CD Album "Streets of Home"

Erle Montaigue

Chloe Morgan has a thoroughly modern voice and writes songs that are also thoroughly modern. We have just begun recording a Demo Cd for Chloe who is continually writing. She plays Electric Bass as well as guitar. Listen to Chloe: CLICK

Chloe Morgan

Chloe Morgan