©1999 Erle Montaigue


Verse 1


Cold grey morning and the silver frost touch your eyes.

Knowing you brought the meaning back into my life.


Waking up in the cold morning air.

Reaching out and knowing youre still there.

Youre giving me those feelings again,

That we both had when we loved back then.

Verse 2


Started out with the world rushing to your feet.

You were there to make it all complete.


Weve changed a lot and felt so much since then.

The feelings grow and the love still knows us.

Its taken all this time to know you well.

And no-ones ever come this close.



Saving  your love,

For the one whos in your heart.

Feeling the fire that burns right from the start.

Verse 3


Never know why you chose that path to be with me.

All the ones you could have had even free.


All the lives that changed so that I,

Could see you as I did back on that night.

You didn't change your gaze you looked right through,

To make me always want to be with you.