Love's Laughing Still

Words ©2008 Tim Eldridge: Music ©Erle Montaigue 2008

Verse 1

I knew I had to tell our love
I couldn't take its games no more
All I got was a grin and a shrug
And nobody headed for the door

Verse 2

It's got its ways and it's got its means
It's got its clever tricks and charms
Seems each time I'm about to break free
I just run straight back into its arms 


There ain't no reason
And there ain't no rhyme
Love calls the tune
In its own sweet time
You can say you won't
Or you can say you will
If you listen real hard you'll hear
Love's laughing still

Verse 3

So then I tried to drown our love
But the sorrow got the better of me
Six tequilas and a bottle of red
Just left me swimming in misery

Verse 4

In the end I thought I'd call it a day
And I curled up in a ball on the floor
Woke up to find the sun starting to set
And our love had come back for some more


Repeat chorus

Verse 5 

Last night I tried to sleep on it
But our love just wouldn't let me be
I told myself I've got to make it alone
Shame I just can't stand the company

Verse 6

I guess I must have slept a while
Though I can't remember any dream
Woke up to the bright white light of dawn
Just wondering where our love had been