Moontagu On MTV UK   Erle Montaigue: 40 Years In Music




We will be publishing on this web site the full MTV interview plus the music videos from MTV once it has been aired on UK TV. Please come back here regularly.

MTV Come to Llandovery


The Castle Hotel in Llandovery was the venue for London Television Station, MTV to film local band MOONTAGU.

The 19th of December 2006 and MTV cameraman, Josh Eve and presenter Rob Petite travelled from London to the Castle Hotel in Llandovery. Moontagu, a local family band, attracted the attention of MTV because of their quality musicianship and song writing skills. The MTV people saw a music video of Moontagu on (do a search for Moontagu) and loved the music and video shot up on Black Mountain earlier this year.

The reason that Moontagu stand out is that they simply play MUSIC and not the head-banging stuff that is nowadays prevalent where not much talent is required. Each member of the band is trained and quite competent in each instrument they play, while Ben, Eli and Kathleen Montaigue are all music teachers in the local area.

Erle Montaigue was just voted one of the greatest Rock Voices of the 60s and 70s music scene in Australia, by the National Archive for the Preservation of Early Australian Music. They have also just put together a 2 CD album of much of Erle’s old recordings and hit records, called “Erle Montaigue, 40 Years”. The CD covers 40 years of Erle’s music from the mid 60’s until the present day.

Filming began at around 12 noon at the Function room in the Castle Hotel which is an excellent venue because of the acoustics of the hall. New Owners Carol and Nick are also right into good music and will look into having a music evening perhaps once per month with the Moontagu Band and some very talented locals such as Gail Morgan and daughter Chloe Morgan.

A pseudo audience was also attracted to the Castle Hotel when Radio Carms put out the word that one was needed. So we had some local young people from the schools surrounding sit in and all were filmed as the audience applauding wildly upon cue. The 7 girls from local schools were Natalie, a brilliant singer from Llandovery, Chole Morgan, a brilliant bassist from Llandovery, Lauren a brilliant drummer from Llandovery and 4 beautiful lasses from the area, Chloe, Flora, Laura and Ellanor. All will be featured on the MTV show.

3 of Erle Montaigue’s songs were filmed, “Forever”, (sung by Erle Montaigue) “Someone Will Love You” (sung by Kathleen Montaigue) and “Somebody’s Got a Hold On Me” (sung by Kathleen Montaigue). 3 times each song had to be performed in order to get correct shots and angles from the two video cameras.

When filming was completed at the Castle Hotel, the film crew took some footage of the outside of the Hotel and the Castle ruins as an anchor so that viewers could see that they were actually filming in Llandovery.

Then it was up to Black Mountain where filming continued in 4 degrees temperature in the form of an interview with the 5 band members, Kathleen Montaigue, Aisha Chaouche, Eli Montaigue, Ben Montaigue and Erle Montaigue. Some funny out-takes when the members of the band had to remember some set lines and had to say the phrase “Keep On Fluxing”! Had to be very careful here with the words!

After freezing their backsides off, the crew also wanted to get some extra footage at the Montaigue house in Gwynfe, so with fire lit and cups of hot tea all around, Erle grabbed his acoustic guitar and the band gave their rendition of Waltzing Matilda which will also be aired in the new year. Waltzing Matilda is not the nice little ditty that most people associate it with but rather a dark and deadly poem!

Andrew Barton Patterson, possibly the most recognized of the early Aussie poets, went to the State of Queensland at the end of the 19th Century when there were pitched battles between the shearers Union and the rich Land owners (Squatters). The Shearers were working in shocking conditions so they went on strike.

The Shearers Union boss was found murdered and thrown into a “Billabong” or stream wrapped in his swag or sleeping bag.  Now Aussie slang for a swag or sleeping bag is a “Matilda”. Aussie slang for ‘taking someone for a WALTZ’ is the same as when the mob takes someone for a drive in the USA and you never return! Hence the words of this great poem. AB Patterson could not come out and say that the Police and Squatters were in cahoots and murdering people all over the place as he would have been also killed, so he wrote this poem in language that only the working people would understand! “You’ll Come A Waltzing Matilda With Me”!

Keep an eye out for the Castle Hotel’s music night and go along and support your local talent.