Chloe Morgan


Chloe Morgan is a Singer/Songwriter from Wales UK. She also plays bass guitar and has recorded in Paris with renowned producer Jean Roussel (Celine Dion). Chloe writes with her music partner Meecon Jones and already has begun recording her first CD album of their own songs. Chloe plays guitar and does all vocals while Meecon plays the main guitar & Ukulele on her tracks. Ben Eli and Erle Montaigue also help out with the musician duties for drums, piano, lead and slide guitar.

Chloe has a thoroughly modern voice to match her catchy songs and lyrics. Her presence is ever present as she has a bubbly and alive nature. I will be posting Chloe's and Meecon's songs up on this website as they are produced.

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The Songs

Superstition:  © Chloe Morgan & Meecon Jones 2009           Superstition
Recorded at Moontagu Recording Studio Wales UK November 2009.
1962: ©2010 Chloe Morgan & Meecon Jones 2010               1962  



Chloe Morgan Chloe Morgan
Chloe Morgan