Pop/Porn in Music

Erle Montaigue has been in the Music Business for over 40 years on both sides of the fence having owned several recording companies (and still does) and also having been a "rock Star" with several hit records to his name from the 60's and 70's.
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I have been in the music business now for over 40 years as a performer and in management, so I am definitely not a prude, having lived through the 60's as a musician. However, this morning I was browsing the local newsagent and was horrified to see a photo of a young woman on the front cover of a daily newspaper (NOT the Daily Mail thank goodness), dressed in skimpy underwear sitting on something, ( didn't even see what she was sitting on because her female parts were so in my face), legs so wide apart that you could fit a truck in there, showing all of her "womanhood" nothing left to the imagination! What made it even worse was when I read her name, it was Christina Aguilera! Didn't even see her face at first as the other parts of her body were quite powerful to say the least! This was, as far as I am concerned, pornography. A young woman thinking that she has to show it all in order to stay in the music business. I guess she is trying to outdo Lady GaGa. The photo was not at all sexy as pornography isn't "sexy", it is just in your face porn! Sure a nice tight shirt or dress, showing form is sexy as it simply shows a beautiful young woman in there, they don't have to actually show you what's underneath as that immediately turns sexy into anatomy which becomes boring after the first couple of looks as there's nothing else to imagine.
The fact that these women have to resort to degrading themselves in order to sell records and pack out stadiums says much for their talent! If they actually HAD some talent,maybe they wouldn't have to resort to this degradation. Singers like Aimee Winehouse have had their problems, but they don't have to resort to porn, as they have real talent.
When a musician has talent, they should not have to resort to such debauchery. I manage a number of brilliant young female singer/songwriters, one of whom is my own daughter and I would just hate for them to have to resort to porn to make it in this business. But that's the way the music business is going now. My daughter told me that she would prefer to dump her dream in the music business if she had to do what most women artists now have to do. Madonna started it all but she is quite tame nowadays. Can you imagine someone like Whitney Houston in her heyday having to show it all? No, she and others like her had real talent and didn't have to.
The music business has turned in to a circus with all of the young and old girls trying to out-do each other trying to shock us more and more. But they don't shock us anymore, it's just base!
I have nothing against porn if that's what people wish to read, however, keep it in porn magazines and right out of the music business. MUSIC is the operative word here! Real music doesn't need women poking us in the face with their lower body parts. And why is it just the women? Robbie Williams doesn't slide a hose down his underwear and show all .. come to think of it, maybe he should. NOT!